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My Spring Poem

I knew it was spring because

On Monday, I saw one black bird come back.

On Tuesday, i saw two beetles fighting.

On Wednesday, isaw threebees buzzing.

On Thurday , i saw four kids playing.

On Friday.i saw  five rainclouds.

The Superbowl

Once there a was a SUPER BOWL! 51. It was the patrots Vs Falcons. The Falcons got the first touch down. Then they got 1 point. That made the score too 7to0 .It was the 4down. Then they got 3 points because they got a feild goal. Then both teams scored some touch downs and the score was 28to28. In overtime the Patriots scored to win the game.


A   long     time   go     there  was  trex.    He     was   so     nice !      A       human     could     tour  him  he   weht    to    the   moon!   weht

he   mald   a   showman.