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The day I knew it was spring

I knew it was spring because

on Monday I saw one pretty blooming flower.

On Tuesday  I saw two  annoying  flies  buzzing around  that were slimy and  gross!

On Wednesday I saw three  eagles sitting on the ground looking for food.

On  Thursday I saw I saw  four  fat geese   walking across the street.

On Friday I saw  five red ladybugs  crawling  in the grass

and thats how I knew it was spring!

By siddhartha paul


Larry the hamster learns a trick at school

Once upon a time there was a Hamster name Larry .Today at Larry’s school there is going to be a contest. Larry wanted to be in the contest.So he went to ms.Hamster and said can I be in the contest ?Yes”said ms. Hamster ”Yippeee! I get to be in the  contest said Larry. What do I do asked Larry? You have to do three tricks . Can you teach me what kind of tricks I should I do?Sure. Do this yes now do this ”PERFECT!The  big day  arrived Larry was very  nervous . Ms. Hamster” what if I do wrong said Larry.” you wont said ms Hamster.He did a cartwheel and a hand stand also a bridge. They announced the winner and it was Larry  I won  I won said Larry. He got he golden metal. Because he got 100 out  of 100 .The end.                                                                                                                                             By Siddhartha.

The dinasour Wants to go to The moon

once there was a dinausaur his name was Bott. Bott had a wish to go to the moon and build a snowman. Today is Christmas  he said  at night time when Santa came he sneaked  quitly  up on the roof and got  Santa slay. BLAST he flew   to the moon  when he got there he build a snowman on the moon what a graet Idea. CRASH it got broken but it was ok. He rememberd he was going  to be on the  notty list he flew back and said sorry  to Santa. I forgive you  but you can polish my slay so he did done Bott said thank you  said Santa here is a present Bott  I always wanted a lego moon thank you Santa will its time I have to go buy. the end.                                                                                                                                   by Siddhartha