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I knew it was spring because

On Monday, I saw one yellow bee buzzing around stinging people.

On Tuesday, I saw two beautiful flowers blooming in the field.

On Wednesday, I saw three giant trees growing at the park.

On Thursday, I saw four birds gliding onto a tree.

On Friday, I saw five ice cubes melting at the lake.

And that’s how I knew it was spring!

Hamster Learns a Trick at School

Once there was a hamster. He sat in the front row. His best friends sat beside him.At recess he played tag.But one recess his friend showed him a trick.He tried a front flip but he broke his leg. He went to the hospital and got a cast. A few weeks later he came back. His friends were so happy he came back! His friend showed him another trick which was a log roll. When he got home he told his mom all about it. Then he went back to school the next day. When he came back to school he was log rolling to school and his friends did not see it coming. Then when he stopped log rolling they laughed there heads off. They had so much fun when he came back.

a dinosuar built a snowman on the moon

once upon a time there was a dinosaur.He was very big.He desided to build a snowman on the moon.When he started building his first ball it floated away.So then he stoped building for a minute.He thought of what he could do.He tryed to put a spacesuit on his snowman. then it worked very well. It looked good. He went back to his house and warmed up.