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I knew it was spring because…

On Monday, I saw one pretty blue flower blooming in the grass.

On Tuesday, I saw two fluffy geese coming back for the spring.

On Wednesday, I saw three yellow and black bees getting honey from a flower.

On Thursday, I saw four pretty, fresh trees in the grass.

On Friday, I saw five colourful red butterflies in the sky.

And that’s how I knew it was spring.


a fish was having a birthday at the north pole

Once there was a fish that was five and about to turn six. He decided to have his birthday at the north pole. He invited his friends and family. But his dad couldn’t make it! He was sad that his dad couldn’t make it. His dad couldn’t make it because he was a docter. he was trying to get to his birthday as fast as he can but he was to busy. But it was time to have cake but he wanted his dad to be here. But finally he was done work so he rushed to his birthday and he made it just before cake and presents. So then  he had a wonderful birthday