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I knew it was spring because On Monday,

I saw one butterfly that was so small and pink.

On Tuesday,  I saw two big, fat , juicy robins sitting on the grass.

On Wednesday, I saw three kids out side playing a long game of tag.

On Thursday, I saw four Blue jays  back from a very hot place .

On Friday, I saw five roes that were blooming in the bright sky.

And that is how i knew it was spring.

Dotty got lost

Long, long ago there was a rainbow Beanie Boo named Dotty. She got lost in the jungle. She was yelling for help,but no one heard . so she was yelling for her parents Shawn and Rochelle but they did not hear her . So she made a house out of snow . She was so lonely she missed her Beanie Boo parents and friends . She was so sad so she went out of her snow house and called for Shawn and Rochelle they heard! She ran to them and gave Shawn and Rochelle a big hug she was so HAPPY they went home and they had a party because she was found . She was so warm in her house because it was not made out of snow . THE END

A fish had a birthday party at the North pole

A fish had a birthday at the North pole and he was turning 100 years old but he did’t know he was having a birthday party because it was a  suprise party birthday party and his friend took him to the North pole.when he got their he said were are we he swam away to hide and he got out of the water and looked around and every one jumd  out and said suprise .He was so happy because he thohte thay all frgot his birthday.Then he had some rily good cake he waned to eat the hole cake.Naw he nows what he is going to do for his friends birthday partys.