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It’s Sring

I knew was it spring because…

On Monday, I saw one beautiful bird flying though the fresh air.

On Tuesday , I saw two pretty flowers blooming in the nice green grass.

On Wednesday,I saw three gorgerous trees growing leaves.

On Thursday , I saw four Canadian geese gliding though the sky.

On Friday,I saw five bee geting necter from  flowers.

And that’s how I knew it was Spring.

Football move

Hi my name is Max. I love football.On my beak I saw the Falcons play against the Roughriders. I was so happy when I heard the news. I really wanted to see my favourite player. He was the best player on the team. I just loved him. He played for the Falcons. The game was going to start soon.I said”Dad, let’s go” then I got into the car. I can’t wait!” I said . when we  got there  we sat in our spot. I was so happy.Then the best player wasn’t there.I said ”Dad,where is he.Dad said”I don’t know.I was sad. It went for tow. hours.The Roughriders were going to win but our team lost.I was really sad.Dad said”Don’t worry sort!We will see another game next summer and the Falcons will win!”

A fish has a birthday.

Once  there was a  happy  fish named kael. who was trnuing 6 year old. He was so happy for his birthday party . He invited birthday party. He was so happy. But he lived in the north  pole. One day a cold day came and nun of his birthday.He was sad.But it started  to get hot.  Then one of his friends came to his birthday.Then all of his friends came to his birthday.He was so happy.Then thay had  cake and games .The end.