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Spring Is Here

I knew it was spring because,

On Monday, I saw one bird feeding her baby a worm at the park.

On Tuesday, I saw two fishermen fishing at the lake.

On Wednesday, I saw three butterflies sitting on a branch.

On Thursday, I saw four hiding in the grass.

On Friday, I saw five blooming flowers in the field.

And that’s how I knew it was spring.

A birthday cake that doesn’t want to be eatin

Once there was a birthday girl and her best friend was a birthday cake. Her birthday was coming up and her mom and dad couldn’t buy a birthday cake because it was too much money. But when the cake was not listening she told her mom and dad that she could eat her best friend! But the cake was listening and then the cake found out that the party was on the beach. Right when they got to the beach the cake jumped right out of the car and swam away. When he got to the deep part of the ocean he got bit by a shark and then a lot of fish started chasing him. But then the cake found a world of birthday cakes and then he lived there. Then her family found a cake that was only 15 dollars so they had to buy it.They loved playing outside and they went camping every summer they also loved going to the lake to catch some fish and they lived very fun and happy life. The end.

dinosaur builds a snowman on the moon!

once upon a time there was dinosaur who wanted to build a snowman on the moon.He wanted to build it with a friend but there were no other dinosaurs around. So before he went up to the moon he went out to buy a spacesuit. After that he went up to the moon and when he got up he realized that there was no snow on the moon. But ┬áthen one more dinosaur got up to the moon and she brought some snow. So after that when the other dinosaur got up to the moon they made the snowman together. After that they realized that building snowman’s was fun so they made one more. Then it started getting late so one of the dinosaurs said that they were going to come back tomorrow and the other dinosaur said me too and they did.They came every day because they really liked it.The end