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The spring’s animal and plant

I knew it was spring because …

On Monday,I saw one flower growing green leaves .

On Tuesday,I saw two bird flying with their mom.

On Wednesday,I saw thee tree growing green leaves.

On Thursday,I saw four big puddles with lot of water.

On Friday,I saw five black and yellow bees playing at the park.

And that’s how I knew it was spring.





The hamster learn tricks

Once upon a time a little hamster sat behind the hamster school.At 8:00 the hamster teacher walked home.He saw the hamster and took him back to the hamster school.At the hamster school there were so many hamster house’s.He put the hamster in one of the house’s.The hamster fell asleep the next day the hamster teacher woke up.He went to see the hamster the hamster in the house. He took the hamster outside and said “I will help you to learn some trick. The frist one you need to do is a back flip.” The hamster did but the hamster teacher didn’t like it and the hamster teacher said “Just do it again and again the again.” And the last one the hamster teacher liked so much that the hamster teacher said “You can eat some food.” The hamster was so hungry he eat so much food.When was done the hamster teacher…









The dinosaur build snowman on the moon.

Once upon a time it was 8:00 and the moon was coming out Some people saw a dinosaur on the moon. He was building a snowman that was look small on the earth and he hold a iPad and the dinosaur look the video on the iPad he look Lego star wars and he look the iPad is