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I new it was Spring because

On Monday I saw one sun shining so bright I could barely see it.On Tuesday I saw two big blue flowers blooming so nicely.On Wednesday I saw three trees with all their leaves.On Thursday I saw four bugs:there was a bee,a mosquito,a beetle,and a buter fly.On Friday I saw five yummy apples on a tree.And that’s how it was Spring.

Star Wars the last battle

In a galaxy far, far away there was a star destroyer and there was more than one.There was a fleet.But coming out of hyper space was a rebel fleet.Rebel ships fought and fought the empire.The empire was winning. 20 rebel ships were taken out.But coming out of hyper space were more rebel ships.The rebels won.The end.


Once upon a time,There was an astronaut he lived in a house on the moon.One day it started snowing but the astronaut did ‘t now what it was then he relised it was snow so he biuld a snowman.The end.

A dinosaur builds a snow man on the moon

Wans their was a dinosaur  on the moon.One day it snowd and the dinosaur said why is it snowing.It snowd for 20 days he hat to shoveld his triveway.After he shoveld his triveway he reisd that his  house was  caverd in snow so he went all over his house caening the snow. Then it was his sons Birthday.Then one day with his son they made snow angils.The next day he made a snowman named Stiky.The end