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the super bowl

Once there was a Super Bowl.The teams names are the Steelers and the Broncos . The Steelers  were up by 10 at halftime. The broncos got a touchdown  the game was tied at halftime there was a halftime show it was cool. The game went into overtime the Steelers got to start with the ball. It went into 2 overtimes.Then it went into 3 overtimes the Steelers got the ball and  a touchdown they won the super for the first time!











. The Steelers were up by ten at halftime. The Bron

A fish had a birthday party at the North Pole. He invited  everybody in the North Pole.He invited everybody in the North Pole. He was really cold. He was turning 8 he invited Santa . It was raining they went inside. Then they went inside for his birthday party.They had lots of f