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I knew it was spring because                                                                                                      On Monday ,I saw one blooming  on the bright green grass.                                                    On Tuesday, I saw two birds trying to get woms with their baby.                                              On Wednesday, I saw three bees trying to get nector from a flower.                                        On Thursday, I saw four geese at the park swimming in the water.                                          On Friday   I saw five butter flies flying through the sky.                                                           And that’s how I kenw it was spring.

boy takes a hamster school

once upon a time there was a boy who brought his hamster to school. When he got to school he wonted to show his hamster but his mom said don’t show your hamster or you might lose it. He really wanted to show it. He couldn’t resist it. Took it out of his backpack and showed evryone . When the bell rang the boy put the hamster back in his back backpack and he went inside and his backpack was open. his hamster fell out of his. backpack the boy realized his backpack was open he was looking for his hamster and he found his hanster. The end.

a dinosaur bilt a snowman

Once upon a time thear was a dinosaur who bilt a snowman and when the dinosaur went. To bed and late that night the snowman melted and when the dinosaur woke up when he went out side he sow his melted snowman he got sad. and he bilt a notherone sumone brokte it. he got sad agen. so he bilt another one and he whas wochig it. And  no one brokit. the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!