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SPRING!!! by Ava Kilback

I knew it was spring because

On Monday, I saw one beautiful blooming flower in the garden.

On tuesday, I saw two chirping and gliding birds.

On Wednesday, I saw three yellow and black bees.

On Thursday, I saw four kids jumping rope outside.

On friday, I saw five p eople BBQing on the deck

And that’s how I knew it was spring!

August! by Ava Kilback

Once there was a hamster.His name was August. A long time ago August’s family had vanished so he was all alone. One day August wanted to fly a kite.So he did.Well it flew him! It took him to an extraordinary island!He made a happy face on the kite while holding it tight.But then he spotted a little tree house the size of the house he lived in before .So he went in…and saw his family and everybody SCREAMED with excitment. The end

Dino makes a snowman on the moon byAvaKilback

Long long ago their was a dinosaur.His name is Dino.Dino loves making snowmen.Dino also loves the moon.He thought mabey just mabey I can make a snowman on the moon said Dino.How oh how will I get to the moon? said Dino. He thought and thought.A ROCKET!said Dino.And so… he was up all night building and building and when morning reched he got in to his rocket and…54321 BLAST OFF!He got to the moon and their no snow.luckily he brote some and made one.THE END!