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I knew it was spring because

On Monday, I saw one bee buzzing around people!

On Tuesday, I saw two blooming flowers that were beautiful and yellow!

On Wednesday,  I saw three trees growing green leaves!

On Thursday, I saw four birds that where fat and flying through the light blue sky!

On Friday, I saw five Monarch butterflies flying to a sparkling beautiful flowers!

And that’s how I knew it was spring.

Magic hamster!

Once upon a time their was a hamster that leaned a trick at school.He was leaning a magic trick.He asked every one in the class.He asked Emery, Phil, Dom, Maggie, Charlie, Sidd, Nev, Luke, Madi, Sam, Chase, Leica, Ava, Caden, Adrita, Max, Niki, Grayson, Parker, Erik, Kellan, and Tagio .Only two people knew a magic trick and they were Phil and Parker. Because they did magic for Genius Hour! So the hamster was showing the magic trick to his friends but the hamster failed so he asked Phil and Parker and they told the hamster again and he got it right. He made the card fly! Phil and Parker told the hamster one more trick and the trick was he can put water in a jug and the water would not fall out. He also leaned a magic trick you pretended to eat a rubber oreo and he folded it and then said i will make it grow back and he flicked the rubber oreo. They lived happily ever after. The end!

The fish once had a birthday party at the North Pole!!!!!

A fish once had a birthday party at the North Pole!He invited all of his fish frends!He was so happy for all of his presents!He was playing but then by accident he swam into a polar bear mouth.The bear swalod him hole.the fish did not have a good time in his mouth.The polar bear mouth was so stinky.The polar bear thout the fish was yummy but the fish was not yummy for the polar bear the  polar bear.The polar bear throw up and the fish did not die the fish was so bad the polar bear died and he got CRUSHD by a shark.The fish got to open all of his presents and he lived happily ever after!THE END!