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A hamster learns a trick at school.

Once there lived a hamster named Craige . Craige was a very smart hamster.He once stole a cheese  from the sneakiest mouse in the WORLD!That’s how smart  he was Craige is.He’s owner’s name is Paytin. Paytin had a talent show at school.She was thinking of  a  idea to show the class. Finnilly she thought of an idea that idea  was me said Craige. Paytin wanted Craige to do some tricks. Craige was thinking of a idea to show the class. I  got it said Craige.I can make a card fly .But it took a long time.when they went there someone all ready did that trick.So they went home .He realized that he dossn’t have to be the greatest

A fish had a birthday party at the North Pole

Once upon a time in a far of land there lived a fish.your wondering a fish doesn’t live on a land he lived  on a sea beside the land.he’s name was Scale.He’s birthday was coming up!But he diden’t know where he wanted it.He wanted it somewhere specal.He’s farourite season was Winter.So he was thinking of a place cold.He said  I want it at the North Pole.But how am l going to go there?He finilly thought of an idea he will take a plane .The end.