June 22nd 2017 archive

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

French – Mme. Jasper

Morning Routine


Daily 5 – The students finished their good copies of their letters.


Genius Hour – The students got started planning/assembling their presentation boards.


Arts Ed. – We finished up our interpretive dances. A few groups had time to record theirs to show the class. The rest of the groups will record theirs tomorrow or on Monday.

Clean-Up & Quiet Time


***We are going bowling tomorrow. We will be leaving around morning recess and return after lunch. The students do not need to bring a lunch, as food is provided and no outdoor food is allowed in the bowling alley. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS A PAIR OF INDOOR SHOES TO BRING ALONG***

****We will be going to the splash pad at the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre on Wednesday, June 28th. We will be leaving at 10:30 and returning at 1:30. Permission slips will be sent home tomorrow (as I left them sitting on the printer…). There is no charge for this field trip.

*****The students will present their Genius Hour projects at an informal fair on Tuesday, June 27th from 2:30-3:15 in the library. You are more than welcome! I have invited a few classes to come view the fair as well.