Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Morning Routine

Math – We worked on tally graphs. The students are now able to read information from one type of graph and transfer it onto another type of graph.


Daily 5 – Hi-5 Groups – I read with Charlie, Ava, Parker, Kellan, Grayson, Niki, Annalise, and Erik.


Science – We continued to look at positional words and how we can use a specific or estimated distance when telling position. (ie: The ball is 15 steps in front of the book).

French – Mme. Jasper


Arts Ed. – In groups the students work on dance routines expressing day-to-day events in our community.

Clean-Up & Quiet Time


***Tomorrow is our second Pizza Party. Drinks, pizza, and dessert is provided. Students are more than welcome to bring snacks for recess.

****Our Science Centre field trip should be up on School Cash now – please log in to pay.

*****We will be going bowling and having pizza over the lunch hour next Friday (June 23rd). Permission forms and payment info will go home tomorrow.


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