March 30th 2017 archive

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Morning Routine

Math – The students learned about how to properly measure using non-standard units as well as how to go about picking an appropriate non-standard unit to measure something with. In partners, they completed a measuring scavenger hunt around the classroom to practice.


Daily 5 – We learned a new CAFE strategy to help us learn new vocabulary – asking an adult or looking up a word if we do not know what it means in order to expand our vocabulary. We practiced during a round of Read to Self. The students added more details to their spring poem.


Science – We looked at the Medicine Wheel and the different meanings that can be associated with each quadrant. We learned about the importance of air and water in First Nations teachings, as they are one of the 4 elements essential to life.

French – Mme. Jasper

Assembly Practice – Mrs. Machnaik





****I have been in touch with Panago Pizza to organize the pizza party we have won for our participation in the Canada Games Activity Challenge. We have decided on Thursday, April 13th. Panago pizza has arranged for 3 large cheese and 2 large pepperoni pizzas to be delivered. On this day, students do not need to bring lunches but may want to supplement their pizza with snacks and a drink.