March 9th 2017 archive

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Morning Routine

Math – We learned 4 new centres. I worked with almost all of the class today on naming 2-D shapes and identifying their characteristics.


Daily 5 – Hi-5 Groups – I read with Dominic, Caden, Maggie, Sidd, Chase, Kellan, Ava, and Grayson.


Phys. Ed.

Choice Centres


Science – We discussed, observed, and experienced water in all 3 of its states. We considered what it looks like, feels like, and how it acts in each state.



****Invitations to our Celebration of Learning day on March 24th were sent home today. Let me know if the time indicated does not work for you. With this format, I can have up to 4 families in the classroom at one time as activities are student directed, so I am fairly flexible with adjusting the schedule!

****Tomorrow is Special Lunch day.

*****Book orders are due tomorrow.