Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

French – Mme. Jasper

Morning Routine/Math – We talked about how prefixes like “tri”, “hex”, and “oct”, actually represent how many sides a shape has.


Daily 5 – We learned a new CAFE Strategy, “Skip a word and then come back” and practiced with a round of Read to Someone. We played a Word Work game with words with “er” in them which earned the class a point because they came up with WAY more words than I could.


Genius Hour – We had a solid hour to work today and some AMAZING things came out of it! A water filtering machine and soap shoes (for people that don’t want to bend down to clean the floor) are a few examples of some of the neat stuff the students are working on!


Science – We learned about wind and how wind is made. I gave the class homework – they are to teach someone at home about how wind is created.



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