March 7th 2017 archive

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Morning Routine

Math – We considered the statement “every square is a rectangle, but NOT every rectangle is a square.” We learned 4 new geometry centres.


Daily 5 – We learned a CAFE strategy for comprehension, “Retell the story in sequence” and practiced doing so. When we retell a story we need to tell the characters, setting, problem, beginning, middle, and ending.


Science – We did another experiment to prove that air takes up space. Ask your child about our experiment! They were mind-blown!

Canada Games Activity Challenge

French – Mme. Jasper


Arts Ed. – We played charades and finished acting out the last of our health scenarios.

Quiet Time & Clean-Up


****The Carmichael Outreach container drive is this week. We are collecting empty and CLEAN containers with lids that are over 250 mL. No glass please. (ex: yogurt container, margarine container).