March 6th 2017 archive

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Morning Routine

Math – We started our geometry unit. This week we will be focusing on 2-D shapes. We looked at the characteristics of a variety of shapes and considered where we see 2-D shapes in the world.


Daily 5 – Hi-5 Groups. I read with Sam, Nev, Emery, Luke, Max, and Leica.


Talking Circle – The students considered what they would like to learn about in Science.

Science – We started off our first Science unit which is about air and water. We considered some of the characteristics of air and water and did an experiment with a balloon to see how air takes up space.

Canada Games Activity Challenge


Arts Ed. Mme. Jasper



****The Carmichael Outreach container drive is this week. We are collecting empty and CLEAN containers with lids that are over 250 mL. No glass please. (ex: yogurt container, margarine container).