March 1st 2017 archive

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

French – Mme. Jasper

Celebration of Learning Assembly – Way to go presenters! We are so proud of you!

Morning Routine

Daily 5 – We added a new strategy to our CAFE board that will help us with comprehension of nonfiction texts. We did one round of Read to Someone to practice our new strategy and did a Word Work activity with this week’s sight words.


Desk/Carpet Spot Changes – New month, new spots!

Canada Games Activity Challenge

Genius Hour – We began the planning phase of our inventions.


Health – We talked about personal information and why we should not give this to strangers. We did an activity to assess our understanding of all of the topics we have discussed in our Health block – healthy snacking, showing respect, and keeping ourselves safe when risks are present.

Quiet Time & Clean-Up


***Book orders (sent home prior to the break or today for those that were away) are due on March 10th.

****Please ensure that you order online for our upcoming Special Lunch on March 10th. Orders must be placed by March 6th.

*****I am in need of a few parent helpers (with CRC’s on file) to help with the March 10th Special Lunch. Please let me know if you are available!