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Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

French – Mme. Jasper

Morning Routine/Mad Minute


Daily 5 – The students continued to work on the stories they wrote yesterday, adding them onto the blog. Check our your child’s story by looking for their name under “student posts”!


Talking Circle

Genius Hour Presentations – Tiago and Sidd taught us about volcanoes. Awesome work boys!

Genius Hour – The students who have completed their projects worked on a variety of building challenges including marble runs and bridges/structures.


Health – We talked about serious illnesses vs. non-serious illnesses. Grayson and Dominic shared with us about their allergies and epipens.

Quiet Time – We read 2 chapters of our novel.

Clean-Up & Mail – New spelling lists were sent home.

A fish had a birthday party at the North Pole. He invited  everybody in the North Pole.He invited everybody in the North Pole. He was really cold. He was turning 8 he invited Santa . It was raining they went inside. Then they went inside for his birthday party.They had lots of f



A   long     time   go     there  was  trex.    He     was   so     nice !      A       human     could     tour  him  he   weht    to    the   moon!   weht

he   mald   a   showman.

The dinosaur build snowman on the moon.

Once upon a time it was 8:00 and the moon was coming out Some people saw a dinosaur on the moon. He was building a snowman that was look small on the earth and he hold a iPad and the dinosaur look the video on the iPad he look Lego star wars and he look the iPad is

Dino makes a snowman on the moon byAvaKilback

Long long ago their was a dinosaur.His name is Dino.Dino loves making snowmen.Dino also loves the moon.He thought mabey just mabey I can make a snowman on the moon said Dino.How oh how will I get to the moon? said Dino. He thought and thought.A ROCKET!said Dino.And so… he was up all night building and building and when morning reched he got in to his rocket and…54321 BLAST OFF!He got to the moon and their no snow.luckily he brote some and made one.THE END!

The fish

One day I got to go to a birthday party . At the birthday party it was the fish’s birthday . At the birthday party someone pushed me. I fight back and I win the fight . By Luke

Once a dinosaur builed a snowman on the moon!!!!!!

Once a dinosaur was very excited for winter! He desided to build a snowman on the moon. So he builed a roket. And winter was here. When he got there he builed a snowman. When he got to his roket there was no fuel! He looked for fuel when he was looking he saw a UFO. He went inside he saw aleins. He ask for a ride they said yes. When he said thanks for the ride they said your well come. the end

The dinosaur on the moon.

Once  upon a time a dinosaur went to the moon to build a snowman.But when he got there was no snow on the moon.He tryed for long time he didn’t find anything. In sted  he made a rockman he made it out of  rock.It was very hard.But it worked he was so happy!

A fish had a birthday party at the North Pole

Once upon a time in a far of land there lived a fish.your wondering a fish doesn’t live on a land he lived  on a sea beside the land.he’s name was Scale.He’s birthday was coming up!But he diden’t know where he wanted it.He wanted it somewhere specal.He’s farourite season was Winter.So he was thinking of a place cold.He said  I want it at the North Pole.But how am l going to go there?He finilly thought of an idea he will take a plane .The end.


a dinosaur bilt a snowman

Once upon a time thear was a dinosaur who bilt a snowman and when the dinosaur went. To bed and late that night the snowman melted and when the dinosaur woke up when he went out side he sow his melted snowman he got sad. and he bilt a notherone sumone brokte it. he got sad agen. so he bilt another one and he whas wochig it. And  no one brokit. the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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